regrettably broken fingers

Relatable interests.

how do i stop growing up this isn’t fun anymore

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I’d love a green small stone.

Fuck dude share it around.


I’d love a green small stone.

Fuck dude share it around.

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oddlittlehuman asked: I hope you're listening to Franks nostalgia-ultra mixtape.

Honestly, I was pretty much just listening to ‘Thinkin’ ‘Bout You’ on repeat… That mixtape is cool as hell though.

Just gonna sit and listen to Frank Ocean all day until I hopefully fade away siiiiiiicccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

I have been on a real streak of breaking things (physically and metaphorically) lately. CoOl.

11:57pm and I gotta say, sitting on my kitchen floor waiting for toast probably isn’t too far off where I expected/would prefer to be.

I just did an online registration for an extended warranty. I feel like that’s the most adult thing I have ever done.


Are you from interstate and looking to come to Melbourne but don’t know the cheapest flights or where to stay? 
Never fear The Lair got yo back. 
Don’t miss what will be the best weekend of shows this year. 

Five internationals and Mindsnare, the tickets book themselves.

See you all there. 

26 days to go. 

Please reblog. 

I am forever going to imagine the twins in Flight Centre pilot uniforms now.


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Got a real good deal on a new camera lens. Keeeeeen to get home and whirl this.

Dear universe,
Where did you hide my camera’s battery. It was in the charger last time I looked for it (which was a month or so ago). And no, it’s not in the camera.

Goddamn this always happens when I have a moment where I want to take photos again. Shit.