regrettably broken fingers

With his arms outstretched.

Moved around my shit last night. Yuh.



are there any laws pertaining to the moon


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Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Seth Meyers


TCR | 2007.03.12 | It reads: “Dear Stephen, As editor-in-chief of Marvel, I am burdened with the handling of our character’s estates and the sad event that a hero should perish before his time. Captain America’s will was read last Friday, and while heavy hearted, I am proud to announce the star spangled Avenger has bequeathed his most valuable possession, his indestructible shield, to the only man he believed had the red, white, and blue balls to carry the mantle. Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the Marvel Universe. Sincerely, Joe Quesada.

Very possibly one of my favourite things.

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Today has gone from whatever to good to real average to REALLY GREAT!

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We need to work on that poker face.


We need to work on that poker face.


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I have the best mates on the planet and I hope they all know that. You can’t hang with their pedigree.

Hoooooooly dooly.

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